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Deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, slow breathing, or controlled breathing exercises are popular in the wellness movement as a mind-body technique. It is not a form of physical exercise. It is a mind-body technique that can be added to various routines for an added relaxing effect.

Controlled breathing exercises can be used to promote wellness

Breathing, especially the exhalation phase, has a natural automatic relaxing effect. One physical mechanism of action for this relaxing effect is the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. Self-perceived reductions in levels of tension and anxiety. Slow breathing (6 breaths/minute) increases resting oxygen saturation and improves exercise tolerance. Deep breathing can be used to elicits the relaxation response. Deep breathing can be used as a mind-body sleeping aid.

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This application for iPhone/iPod is a tool to help you with Deep breathing exercise. It uses two forms of guidelines to help you practise this technique correctly. First one is a bar moving between two lines to indicate the cycle of breathing in and breathing out. Second is a diagram of the whole breathing cycle. It shows a pointer guiding you thru the breathing cycle.

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No data is collected in any form. We added optional HealthKit integration for your benefit and your benefit only, so you can track your workouts during long periods of time. All app data is stored only on your device.

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Just one more time to be clear -> None

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We do not use your information.

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All information is stored only on your device. If you protect your device, you protect your data.

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There is nothing to disclose so -> No.

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